Mobility and Your Enterprise Applications

I’ve been writing a bit about mobilization lately. A while ago, a friend and I wrote a paper that included a couple of case studies describing different approaches to mobilization. Each case study provides an overview of an application we mobilized, identifies the characteristics that made the application a good mobilization candidate and explains the value realized by enabling access to these applications from mobile devices. The paper was available on Motorola’s Web site, and you can download it here.

Many organizations have made significant investments in enterprise applications and mobile technology, but have achieved limited success in marrying the two and pushing real business intelligence closer to the point of customer contact. Consequently, PCs remain the dominant channel for access to enterprise applications, constraining mobile professionals and limiting the value organizations can extract from their investments. I’ve taken a closer look at some of the reasons organizations find themselves in this predicament, and offer a four-step plan to help companies move forward in a paper titled Mobilise Applications and Unlock the Value of Your Enterprise Portfolio.

An adapted version was available on the Deloitte web site, and was a two-part feature in Mobile Enterprise Magazine Part One and Part Two.