Caledon, Canada

During February 2008, I was looking after a farm in Caledon. It seemed like it didn’t stop snowing for the entire month. So, in addition to time spent reading, baking and running, I also spent an inordinate amount of time shoveling snow. Although I did resort to using the tractor to clear the piles along the driveway, many parts of the job were done by hand in order to get some fresh air and exercise. In spite of all the shoveling, it was a really relaxing month and the perfect way to begin my new life of adventure.

Apart from the farm-related activities, I managed to complete my tax returns, decide on my round-the-world destinations and purchase tickets for the first few segments of the journey (Iceland and Oslo). There are still many things that need to be done, but I’ll take care of those things during March and April. For now, I’m feeling pretty comfortable with things and looking forward to putting more plans in place when I get back to Calgary.

For now, I’ll miss you little red horse barn.